Decorate the home with trend prints

At home we have many details to keep in mind when it comes to decorating. Not only is it about choosing a style, or functional furniture, but also to make the environment tell us something, and make it pleasant and welcoming. Except in some counted styles, like the minimalist, we almost always resort to the prints to give life to a space, and in this field we have many possibilities.

Today we are going to see some of the trends in the most chosen prints to decorate the home. A well-chosen print can completely change the look of our room, so we should not underestimate it. We will see that even the most daring print blends succeed today, so it is time to add textiles and details with prints in our home.

Striped Print

If something is not going to fail us are never the great classics in decoration. They are those timeless tastes that can be reinvented but one way or another will always be in fashion. There are prints like this, which are not going to stop being a trend even if they are shown in a thousand ways. In the case of the stamped ones we surely have many examples at hand. Stripes, polka dots or pictures are all a classic that has stayed with us season after season, and they always come back with more or less strength, but they never go completely.

Stripes are a great resource because they have an unmistakable elegant touch. We can add striped wallpaper to the walls to give it a sense of upward amplitude in case the ceilings are low. If we choose the polka dots we will be before one of the funniest and joyful ideas that we can put in the decoration of the home. The pictures on the other hand are more classic and serious, for elegant surroundings. The choice of each print also depends on our tastes and the environment we wish to create. In addition, in these classic prints we can find ideas in all kinds of colors.

Floral Patterns

Among the classics are also floral prints, but these deserve a mention because of the large spaces we can create with them and the many ways we have to represent them. There are floral prints with liberty flowers, which have an air of the seventies, and then there are those that have flowers in muted tones, that look retro, or those that use flowers in pink tones to give a romantic air to everything. The flowers in bright colors give a cheerful touch to the spaces and today there is a trend in which we add flowers in larger sizes, such as murals for the walls, which are really beautiful. We do not know what your favorite is, but know that the most amazing mixes are also allowed today.

Vintage prints

We arrive at the world of retro and vintage prints. Those old-fashioned-looking flowers, ocher and dull tones tell us about the vintage world. Also the prints that imitate the hydraulic floors are very typical, or those that are inspired in the dishes and in the tiles. There is a world apart in the vintage trend, but you should know that there are also prints that represent it.

Scandinavian style prints

The Scandinavian style is the trend of the moment, and that is why it is something that we must take into account to decorate the home in the current way. Scandinavian prints stand out for their simplicity. One or two colors and basic shapes, with many geometric patterns. The mixture of black and white with some grays is the most common, but if we want to add color the most usual is that the prints use pastel shades. As we say always have to be simple stamped, which can be mixed with their geometric shapes. In addition, there are some very typical, such as spruce, clouds or simple chevron stripes.

Ethnic print

The ethnic print can help us give a bohemian and casual home. If this is the trend you like the most, you can certainly add it to your home. With an ethnic rug and cushions with this print you can give a totally different touch. In the ethnic world, vivid colors such as reds, pinks, blues and greens are often used, which can also be mixed without any fear in these beautiful patterns.

Stamping mixes

We end up with an idea that has attracted us for a long time, and is that every time we see more homes in which they throw the tendency to mix patterns that do not have much to do. They look for colors that complement each other, but the prints can be totally different, thus creating a visual harmony with the tones, but a contrast with the prints.

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