Decorate a bedroom with matching walls and curtains

The interior decoration is a theme that can get passionate to the point of encountering ideas like the one I bring to you today in the photograph that I show you, where we can as a master bedroom gives way to the protagonist to the wall that, by the way of tapestry, shows a drawing whose background in sand tones allows to glimpse images of a natural landscape, but not in an overloaded way, since the colors used to conform said landscape, are of a very pale tonality.

This detail is very important to maintain the maxim that our bedroom has to be a place of total rest and disconnection, and that, to achieve this, we must set it in a relaxing, never exaggerated way. This maxim also complies with the curtains, made in very translucent white thread, and that allows us to see, in a very subtle way, the elaboration of the same decoration as on the wall, only in very light gray tones, barely noticeable also eliminates the sensation of horterada).

A larger one, a detail on the bed, as in this case are the 3 rectangular cushions of small dimensions, also collaborate in this environment. From there, you have to be very careful not to turn a very original idea into something quirky. To do this you have to look closely at other details and complements of the room, such as, in this case, the success of having placed a smooth blanket instead of a refilled quilt with the same drawing, something that would give a horrible sensation of He drowned.

Similarly, aspects such as the carpet in a single color, as well as the rest of the furniture that makes up this room, also help maintain a balance, thanks to its smooth lines and colors not striking, and thus to be able to rest in an environment very nice.

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