A Checklist for Home Cleaning Services

Homeowners looking to hire a cleaning service are advised to create a list of cleaning tasks. Some cleaning companies provide their own checklists, but schedules, services and prices vary widely among companies. For this reason, consumers should consider creating a list of what they expect from a home cleaning service before comparing bids to ensure they receive the service they want.

Common areas

Common areas include living rooms, dining rooms, stairs and hallways. All surfaces, ventilation holes, and sockets should be cleaned. Floors need to be vacuumed or washed and all garbage removed. All mirrors throughout the house should be cleaned and no visible fingerprints or dirt should be cleaned.

Patio doors, switch boards, entrance doors and other doors in the house should be cleaned or dusted. All chrome throughout the house should be polished or cleaned, including in the kitchen and bathrooms.


In the kitchen, the stove should be disinfected and cleaned to eliminate food stains. This includes stove, drip trays, high range and control knobs. Microwaves, refrigerators and cabinets should be cleaned and disinfected. Any visible stains of food and garbage should be removed. Cabinets, countertops and back splashes should be cleaned and disinfected. Soils should be thoroughly scrubbed and washed, paying particular attention to the visible spots of the grout.


Areas for tubs and showers must be cleaned and disinfected; this includes door or shower curtain, tile and grout. The toilet area must be cleaned and disinfected; this should include the tank, bowl and seat cover. All visible spots on the cement grout, walls and area of ​​the pile should be removed. The sink area should be washed, including the bowl, soap dish, toothbrushes, back wall and counter area. All chrome must be polished and rubbish removed.


All surfaces must be completely sprinkled; this includes sockets, walls and lighting fixtures. All visible litter must be disposed of. The owners may request that bed linen be changed during cleaning, but some companies charge extra for this service. Bedrooms need to be vacuumed every week, but most vacuum cleaning services under the bed only once a month.


All window frames, blinds, curtain rods and curtains must be cleaned every week. Visible traces and dirt should be cleaned every week. Full wash window is an additional service for most home cleaning services and is provided at least once a year

Laundry and utility rooms

Washer, dryer and cupboards or shelves should be cleaned. Filter lint dryer should be cleaned. The plants should be swept and washed. Light fixtures and plinths should be cleaned. Guests may request that the laundry, but most of the cleaning services charge extra for this service.

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