32 tips to improve your house with little money

The decoration and the preservation of a family environment at home is a constant work, both for the passage of time and because the environment, from time to time, requires a change of image. So if you have the idea to modify the look of your house, do not worry that everyone happens to us, what is missing in moments like this maybe are ideas to cope with that desire for transformation.

That is why, in the book of ideas today, we share a series of tips, 32 to be exact, to improve the decoration of your home spending the least possible money, do you like the plan? Tips to spend little and generate GREAT changes at home!

1. Tiles on the kitchen floor

If you already covered the floor of your kitchen with these types of tiles, it may be necessary to remove it and place a new one or even give it an extreme cleaning so that it looks like new; And if you do not have tile on the floor, place it, it is neat and does not go unnoticed by sight.

2. Mix chairs and benches

One way to eradicate any possibility that the change you make at home is not noticed, is to appeal for a variation in something that is therefore the same, for example in chairs or armchairs.

3. Walls with scriptures

Among the avant-garde ones that have acquired more popularity, when to make a change of the look to the home is, is the use of typographies, that is, of occupying letters to create words or beautiful phrases that cover the wall. It is also a transformation that shows, we assure you.

4. Colored Walls

The presence of vibrant colors is your ally in this advice, but there is clarity that is in small quantity and with caution, we do not want to fall into a saturation of color. So it is important to note that, just paint a wall of place that you want to transform with that striking color, everything else that has neutral tones.

5. Original shelves

It is more than known that even the smallest details can create great transformations, and in home decorations is no exception, can vary the image of a room with the simple fact of modifying a detail such as changing the shelves.

6. Christmas lights throughout the year?

Perhaps at first it sounds a loose idea, but it does not consist of having the Christmas atmosphere all year, but of occupying the lights to give life to a particular area: shelves, headboard, windows, etc.

7. Family memories

How about the idea of ​​changing the decoration for photos of yesteryear or objects plagued with memories?

8. A contrasting shelf with appearance in the bathroom

No contrast goes unnoticed, so it is a good way to generate changes. Imagine, inside the neatness of the bathroom place something with a more welcoming appearance.

9. Introduce different presentations

As in everything, the decoration has favorite materials and presentations, but that does not stop us from innovating, for example, by introducing wood but now in pallet mode.

10. Different chairs in the dining room

Breaking the balance to the usual view that we have, is the easiest way to make a change, so look for a site full of similarity and until now a contrasting place.

11. Sticking Decoration

Creativity and new forms of ornaments are allied to giving a second air to the home, and if they are as simple to place as the stickers, we cannot ask for more.

12. A brick wall in sight

Making a change does not only mean appealing for the most avant-garde, and this brick wall proves it to us.

13. Summon balance

Many times the change can also help us to make our house stop being a chaos, especially if it is called for a total balance.

14. Stickers with lots of personality

A change with the simple fact of putting something to the wall is now possible, thanks to the stickers, which already bring all the required personality.

15. Black walls?

The dark walls have become quite common, especially those that allow to paint with gises, and is that you have with them the action of doing and undoing with pleasure.

16. Making paper ornaments

And how about the idea of ​​decorating with crafts? We like it, especially when it can be done with something as easy to transform as paper.

17. Pipes as supports

The industrial style brought with it the idea of ​​not covering the structure and installation behind any home, after that the pipes became an element that no longer wants to have hidden.

18. Decorate with plants

Summoning the vegetation is a good memory not only to change the appearance, but also the atmosphere for a more vital and fresh.

19. Decorating with maps?

Before anything else it is necessary to clarify that to decorate with maps is only for a particular taste, that is to say, it does not remain in all the styles, but yes you think that goes with you, do not hesitate to use them.

20. Use wallpaper

Paper is already a classic to make a wall look totally different without spending much, so it cannot be missing.

21. Recycled furniture

There is no better idea to re-decorate without spending a lot than recycling furniture, you can occupy the ones you have left home or look for some in garage sales.

22. Adherable for wood

We had already talked about stickers but many do not dare to place them on wooden walls, we invite you to do so, before protecting the wall with some varnish and ready!

23. A coat rack that welcomes you

A coat rack welcoming you home is an idea not only to change the image of your home, but to order since you set foot in your home.

24. Decorative mirrors in the bathroom

You already have a mirror in your bathroom but how about placing one that also has a lot of design?

25. Remove the abandonment of the balcony

The balconies are parts of a home that can be used to great advantage, so not to leave them abandoned, will be a very remarkable change of look.

26. A hanging chair?

Do not spend more than in a chair very different from the ones you already have, if it is pendant we assure you it will never go unnoticed.

27. Painted walls

If you like painting or you know someone with artistic skills, let your walls become exponents of art.

28. A watch can make a difference

Of course you can, remember that the smallest detail has a great impact placed in place and with the precise design.

29. A vertical garden on the wall

Green walls, vertical gardens or whatever you want to call them, these elements will surely change the look to your home.

30. Details made by you

There is no better way to re-decorate with personality than by placing things done for us.

31. Organization with boxes

Now there are extremely beautiful boxes, so organize with them so that the appearance of the home also changes.

32. The return of the carpets

A floor with carpet will not be the same as one without any coating, so if you want to see different, you know where to turn.

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