20 tips to improve your house for little money

Decorating the home is a process that has a starting point but, over time, you assume that it never ends. Interior design is a permanent renovation and is that the tastes, fashions and needs change over time and, therefore, what once seemed perfect, over the years can become something obsolete and impractical. Renew or die, that is the constant that prizes in the design and interior decoration but beware! That does not mean that you have to invest a disproportionate economic amount to make your house perfect.

A makeover for your home can come out much cheaper than you imagine. In this book of ideas we collect for you a score of tips with which you will be able to improve your house for little money. Ideas for low cost decoration so that your home offers its best version without disregarding your budget, do you?

Tiles on the kitchen floor

The kitchen is one of the spaces of the house that suffers most from the avatars of the passage of time so why not focus the renovation of your home here? One option is to replace the floor with different tiles that give a totally renewed air to this space reserved for creation. If you do not have a comfortable budget but look scary, you can always undergo a deep cleaning to regain the brightness of yesteryear.

Mix chairs and benches

Do you want a minimal but effective change? The chairs, sofas or benches in your house, wherever they are, are those kind of elements that, no matter how you change their appearance, will make the results not go unnoticed. You can replace them or simply give them a coat or change the covers and textiles and you will see how the change is noticed instantly.

Talking Walls

Walls are the best canvases that interior decoration puts within our reach to develop creative talent. One of the most accepted tendencies in the recent times is the use of typographies that turn the walls into small wells of wisdom. From loose words, to phrases full of message, the possibilities offered by the market are endless. Find yours and become a poet of decoration.

Live color

If you are not very fond of poetry, the introduction of color on your walls is a perfectly valid alternative to give a new look to your home. However, you have to keep in mind that color dressing any space is a task to undertake with some care to avoid falling into unnecessary saturation. You can transform any space by changing only one of its walls and, whenever you get bored or not right, grinding will take much less effort.

Original shelves

Storage solutions are one of the pillars of any home that is prized and, put to improve the house with little money, an option to take into account. Finding original shelves will help you not only keep your things in perfect condition, but change the look of your home in a simple way. You know, little details, great results.

Christmas lights all year?

Lighting is another key to interior design but what would you think if we told you that Christmas lights are ideal for a look change in your home? It is not about having the Christmas spruce in the living room but rather on finding some original lighting design that you can take advantage of to keep you present in the living room, bedroom, bathroom…

Family memories

Often we design our home with a multitude of objects and accessories that, at the moment, we find the most attractive. However, you can always get the look of your home renewed by using bits and pieces of your story. Old photographs, furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation or objects loaded with memories are more than valid tools to get a renewed image of your home.

A brick wall seen

We have already mentioned some of the options that, in terms of decoration of walls, will serve to renew the image of your house but what if instead of dressing your walls the naked? Bringing out a brick wall is a good alternative, a return to tradition with a lot of charm.

A home in equilibrium

Sometimes the best change is about taking some time to think about what we really want from our home. The frenetic pace of everyday life often leads us to overlook the potential of many of the elements in our home. That is why, if you do not want to invest money in the renovation of your home, stop thinking, organize your house and make the balance take care of giving a new image.

Black walls?

Slate walls are one of our favorite decorating options. Its potential is more than evident since, with a simple blow of a cloth, you can transform them as many times as you want. Let your imagination run free and feel free to renew the image of your home whenever you feel like it.

Paper Adornments

If you are a lover of crafts, this idea will be the most attractive. Paper embellishments are relatively simple that, in addition to giving a very personal touch to your home, requires a minimum economic investment, but, yes, you have to spend time.

Pipes as supports

As we said before, there are many resources in our home that can help us give a new air to the house without having to introduce new elements. The use of the pipes as a support, as we see in this image, is a good example of what we are referring to, a gift of the industrial style to be taken into account.

Decorate with plants

They change with time and, therefore, are ideal to make your home always look perfect. Plants are those types of elements that, regardless of when we are, are able to create an atmosphere full of vitality and freshness.

Do not miss the north

You do not want to paint, vinyls with philosophical phrases do not go with you, slate painting gives you laziness, but you want to give an original touch to the walls of your bedroom. How about a map that occupies much of the space? Placing an image like this can transform any space in which the integers but note that it does not fit all styles.

Recycled furniture

One of the most economical ideas to renew the image of your home is to opt for recycled furniture. The lovers of recycling and up cycling design are well aware of what we mean. Giving a new life to objects that once graciously fulfilled the function entrusted to them is a resource to take into account when renewing the image of your home.

An original coat rack

The small details are those that mark the big differences so that, if you want to change the image of your home you can always use as a starting point this maxim. An original coat rack at the entrance will help you, not only with the makeover, but also with the organization of your home.

Decorative mirrors

They are those types of elements that cannot be missing in the decoration of your home. Whether in the bedroom, the entrance, the living room or the bathroom, any of these rooms, if not all, must include a mirror. The reason? Simple. Not only do they allow you to create a greater sense of spaciousness, but they are also a relatively inexpensive way to give a new air to any room in your home. Choose an original design and boast a mirror!

Take care of the balcony

Beyond the interior spaces of your home, terraces and balconies offer authentic fields to explore in terms of design and decoration. You may just have to pay a little attention to these outdoor corners to get a change of look in your home. Some plants, appropriate furniture and some personality detail will be enough to get this space to full capacity.

Do not waste time.

Accessories are essential in decorating any space in your home. Any object, however small, can have a sweeping effect on the design of a room. Just find the right accessory and place it with pleasure to start noticing the effect.

Vertical gardens

Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by nature but that does not mean that they have to give up. One of the most fashionable options in recent times is the addition to the interior design of so-called vertical gardens. They are flirty, different and full of life so why not put one to give a new look to your home?

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